School Directory

To avoid class disruption and maximize student learning, we do not publish direct extensions to our classrooms.  If you wish to contact a teacher, please call the school receptionist at 928.738.5111 to leave a message.

District Office

Name Title Contact at
Alban Naha Acting Superintendent 928.738.1410
Vernita Selestewa Executive Secretary 928.738.1402
Business Office
Name Title Contact at
Lois Reynosa-Qumyintewa Business Manager 928.738.1435
Maxine Silas Payroll Technician 928.738.1436
Cindi Collateta Account Receiveable Tech 928.738.1437
Miriam Tahbo Account Payable Tech 928.738.1438
Guy Josytewa Inventory Purchasing Tech 928.738.1439
Human Resources
Name Title Contact at
Dakota Francis Human Resources Technician 928.738.1433
Information Technology
Name Title Contact at
IT Helpline Helpline 928.738.1446
Leland Sekayumptewa Technology Support Specialist 928.738.1444
Joshua Tsinnijinnie Technology Support Specialist 928.738.1445
Facilities Operation
Name Title Contact at
Matthew Duran Facilities Operations Director 928.738.1440
Geri Cleveland Secretary 928.738.1443
Food Services
Name Title Contact at
Roselyn Dempsey-Jim Cafeteria Manager 928.738.1432
Front Desk (Kitchen)   928.738.1434
Name Title Contact at
Tanja Steele Lead Security 928.738.1427
Chad Dann Lead Backup 928.738.1427
Walker Ami Security Officer 928.738.1429
Erik Morningstar Security Officer 928.738.1427
High School
Name Title Contact at
Lynn Fredericks High School Principal 928.738.1405
Eileen Navakuku Secretary 928.738.1406
Kathleen Nutongla Receptionist 928.738.1403
Ron Carpenter English Teacher, Dept Chair
Jenifer Gramer English Teacher
Nona Edelson English Teacher
LaVerne Lomakema Math Teacher, Dept Chair
Anjanette Sahmea Math Teacher
Michael Tenakhongva Math Teacher
LaVonne Honyouti  Science Teacher, Dept Chair
Rodney Harris Science Teacher
Marietta Riggs Science Teacher
James Lomakema  Social Studies Teacher
Gerald Flud Social Studies Teacher
Ben Lawrence Social Studies Teacher
Farron Lomakema Alternative Teacher
Mary Duwyenie Art Teacher
Thomas Irwin Band Teacher
Emma Talashoma Culinary Arts Teacher
MAJ James Cox JROTC Teacher
SGM Larry Newton JROTC Teacher
Mariquit Palabyab Native American Studies Teacher
Anita Poleahla Hopi Language Teacher
Cornelia Yazzie Navajo Language Teacher
Javier Linarté Spanish Language Teacher
Ricky Baker Physical Education Teacher
Philanskie Yazzie  Welding Teacher
James Phillips Weight Lifting Teacher
Ambrose Benally Carpentry Teacher
Junior High School
Name Title Contact at
Alban Naha Junior High School Principal/Federal Program Director 928.738.1410
Trinette Bahnimptewa Secretary 928.738.1411
Grace Mahkewa Science Teacher
Kenneth Rutter Language Arts Teacher
Carol Sieweyumptewa Language Arts Teacher
Dorothy Nahsonhoya Social Studies Teacher
Kay Lowe Social Studies Teacher
Raleigh Namoki Jr. Math Teacher
Rachel Talayumptewa Math Teacher
Juwan Nuvayokva Physical Education Teacher
Special Education (SPED)
Name Title Contact at
Dr. Melba Martin Director 928.738.1420
Colleen Secakuku Secretary 928.738.1421
Carla Tasa SPED Teacher


Hazel Habasa SPED Teacher


Rucelio Vilar SPED Teacher


Craig Liddle SPED Teacher


School Climate

Name Title Contact at
Jerry Cronin Dean of Students 928.738.1414
Joan Duran Secretary 928.738.1428
Health Services
Name Title Contact at
Brendalee Lopez ASA Counselor 928.738.1409
Dempsey Davis ASA Counselor 928.738.1413
Student Services

Name Title Contact at
John Lomavaya Registrar 928.738.1415
Vacant Attendance Clerk 928.738.1416
Lacretia Ellsworth School Counselor 928.738.1408
Ellouise Graham School Counselor 928.738.1407
Name Title Contact at
Valerie Martin Librarian 928.738.1425
Front Desk Library 928.738.1426
Athletics and Activities
Name Title Contact at
Ricky Greer Athletic Director 928.738.1430
Shirley Tomosie Secretary 928.738.1431
College and Career Services
Name Title Contact at
Teresa Harvey Arizona Ready for College and Career Ameri Corps Member