For twenty years, the Hopi Tribe had sought a high school for the reservation. Political, funding, and construction priorities of the Bureau of Indian Education system were responsible for the delay in obtaining this needed educational facility. In 1983, the clans from the community of Polacca identified 880 acres to be used for educational purposes where the new Hopi Junior/Senior High School was to be built. The construction of the school began thereafter, and a new facility was soon to become a reality.

The new multimillion dollar school was dedicated in mid-August, 1986, with school opening for the first time on September 2. The comprehensive facility was designed to accommodate 800 students in grades 7-12. Approximately 550 students attended the school in 1986-1987 and the number of students throughout the past years has ranged from 383 to 770. All students are bussed to and from the site daily from as far away as 80 miles from the village of Moencopi, near Tuba City.

The Hopi Junior/Senior High School is located between Keams Canyon and the village of Polacca in the eastern part of the reservation. The academic program of the school has always been based on the community’s belief that their children are capable of learning at a high level of achievement if the curriculum is appropriate, specific, and meaningful, and if students are given sufficient time to learn.

Mission Statement

Hopi Junior Senior High School will provide a safe, positive and healthy learning environment where students students will achieve academic excellence as determined by State and National Standards. The school recognizes and will utilize the diversity of Native American culture and traditions to assist students in becoming contributing members of society.

Vision Statement

To provide practices and programs that maximizes opportunities for growth in the development of the life skills as well as academic and career goals within our cultural context.

Goal Statements

Our goal statements for 2018-2019 were approved by the Governing Board on October 10, 2018.

Hopi Jr/Sr High School has three functional areas: Teaching and Learning, Operations, and School Culture. The organizational chart for Hopi Jr/Sr High School reflects these three functional areas.

The goal statement for Teaching and Learning is: Hopi Jr/Sr High School, a Hopi school, provides all students with the skills to empower themselves to their fullest potential. The functional area of Teaching and Learning includes: High School, Junior High School, Special Education, and Federal Programs. Priorities for Teaching and Learning include: Developing an effective teaching staff, and Improving test scores.

The goal statement for Operations is: Hopi Jr/Sr High School, a Hopi school, ensures that its stakeholders have access to and meaningful connection with quality resources. The functional area of Operations includes: Transportation, Educational Technology, Food Services, Facilities, Security, and the Business Office. Priorities for Operations include: Teamwork, and Anticipating needs.

The goal statement for School Culture is: Hopi Jr/Sr High School, a Hopi school, creates a healthy environment of high expectations for all stakeholders. The functional area of School Culture includes: Activities and Athletics, and the Dean of Students. Priorities of School Culture include: Develop a community school, and Developing partnerships with external stakeholders.

School Improvement Plan

Our School Improvement Plan aligns with our goals for Teaching and Learning, Operations, and School Culture. It was approved by the Governing board on March 13, 2019.

Parent/Student Handbook for 2018-2019

The Parent/Student Handbook for this current school year outlines the rights and responsibilities of our school community. It was approved by the Interim Governing Board on July 11, 2018.