Steven Berbeco, Ed.D.

High School Principal

Lynn Fredericks

Junior High Principal

Alban Naha

SPED Director

Peterson Butler (Acting)

Dean of Students

Jerry Cronin

Governing Board

  • Valerie Kooyaquaptewa, Keams Canyon, President
  • Laurel Poleyestewa, First Mesa, Vice President
  • Sandra Dennis, Bacavi/Hotevilla, Clerk
  • Anita Bahnimptewa, Second Mesa, Hopi Board of Education Member
  • Melvin Pooyouma, Moencopi, Hopi Board of Education Alternate
  • Jack Harding, Kykotsmovi/Old Oraibi

For questions about the Governing Board, including a schedule of upcoming public meetings, please contact Ms. Vernita Selestewa, 928.738.1402,


Regular Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Date 2018-2019 Agenda Minutes
2019 June 12 Agenda Minutes
2019 May 8 Agenda Minutes
2019 April 10 Agenda Minutes
2019 March 13 Agenda Minutes
2019 February 13 Agenda Minutes
2019 January 9 Agenda Minutes
2018 December 12 Agenda Minutes
2018 November 14 Agenda Minutes
2018 October 10 Agenda Minutes
2018 September 12 Agenda Minutes
2018 August 8 Agenda Minutes
2018 July 11 Agenda Minutes
Meeting Date 2017-2018 Agenda Minutes
2018 June 13 Agenda Minutes
2018 May 9 Agenda Minutes
2018 April 11 Agenda Minutes
2018 March 14 Agenda Minutes
2018 February 14 Agenda Minutes
2018 January 10 Agenda Minutes
2017 December 6 Agenda Minutes
2017 November 8 Agenda Minutes
2017 October 12 Agenda Minutes
2017 September 13 Agenda Minutes
2017 August 9 Agenda Minutes
2017 July 18 Agenda Minutes
Location of Notices
  • Keams Canyon Post Office
  • Keams Canyon Trading Post
  • Polacca Circle M
  • Polacca Post Office
  • Second Mesa Post Office
  • Kykotsmovi Post Office
  • Kykotsmovi Village Store
  • Hopi Tribe (Administration)
  • Hotevilla Post Office

Notices are also sent by email for local posting to Keams Canyon Elementary School, First Mesa Elementary School, Second Mesa Day School, Hopi Day School, Hotevilla/Bacavi Community School, and Moencopi Day School. For questions about postings, please contact Ms. Vernita Selestewa, 928.738.1402,

Budget and Financial Audits

2018-2019 School Year
The departmental school budget was approved by the Governing Board on September 12, 2018, at a regular board meeting.

2017-2018 School Year
The Hopi Junior Senior High School Governing Board approved the 2017-2018 budget at the September 13, 2017 regular board meeting. This dashboard is helpful to understand how the funding is allocated based on program area and goals, as well as an overview of our Full Time Employee positions by department and goals. Both of these documents were shared at the Parent Advisory Committee meeting on October 3, 2017.

Financial Audits
Our 2017-2018 audit was conducted by REDW, Certified Public Accountants based in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to that, our annual audit was conducted by Walker & Armstrong, LLP, Certified Public Accountants based in Phoenix, Arizona. The Hopi Junior Senior High School audits for the 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 school years include basic financial statements and single audit reports.

Policy Documents

    Policies are principles adopted by the Board to chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted and may include also why and how much. They are broad enough to indicate a line of action to be taken by the administration in meeting a number of day-to-day problems; they need to be narrow enough to give the administration clear guidance.
    Regulations are the detailed directions developed by the administration to put policy into practice. They tell how, by whom, where, and when things are to be done.
    Exhibits are checklists, sample documents, forms, and other informational items to assist in implementing policies or procedures.
Section Title Pages
A Foundations and Basic Commitments * 16
B School Board Governance and Operations * 61
C General School Administration * 20
D Fiscal Management 21
E Support Services 67
F Facilities Development 2
G Personnel 150
I Instructional Program 122
J Students 133
K School-Community Relations 24
L Education Agency Relations 4
Introduction 4
Complete Set of Policies * 626
* The Governing Board is in the process of reviewing and amending its policies. Please contact the Superintendent with any questions.