Hopi Senior’s On Their Way To DisneyLand

For Immediate Release: May 10, 2017

Hopi Senior Trip Rite of Passage

Polacca, Ariz. – Is there a better way to end your high school senior year than with all your high school friends on a 6-day fun filled trip to California?

Hopi High seniors choose a trip to California for their “Traditional End-of-the-Year Senior Trip.”  The California adventure includes Knottsberry Farm, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Sea World in San Diego.

Students will spend the last night of their senior trip in Phoenix. The following morning they depart to Flagstaff and stop for lunch at LaFonda. The final stop of the 2017 Senior Trip is Hopi High School.

Twenty-seven Hopi High Seniors carrying colorful blankets, pillows, cell phones, snacks, and other necessities lined up patiently waiting as security searched their backpacks for contraband.  Some seniors sat on the floor while others walked around the foyer visiting with friends waiting their turn.

Hopi High School Senior Hawthorne Dukepoo said, “The senior trip has become a Tradition at Hopi High. Teachers and students plan the trip together. All of us decided where we wanted to go and what we would like to see. Then we needed to fund-raise.”

“The trip is important because it is the last time I get to spend time with my classmates,” said Angela Keevama.  “We raised about $700 per person by selling water, pop, held carnivals, bingo’s, and other events.  All of us wanted to go to Disneyland.”

High School Senior Jacinda Yoyokie’s family joined her on the waiting line.  Her mother Melissa Nicholas said she was anxious about the trip and hoped everything would go well. Her dad Gary Yoyokie along with younger sister Izabel and brother James helped carry her luggage to the loading area.

Eileen Navakuku, Hopi High School secretary, wished students well on their trip and reminded them to follow school rules.

“You are still students at Hopi High and are representing the school and community. Be on your best behavior,” said Navakuku.

Math teacher Carmen Honyoti, senior sponsor, explained the trip is a Tradition of Hopi High.

Assisting Honyoti are co-sponsors Raleigh Namoki and Mary Duwyenie. Barry Honyouti, security, travels on the trip to assure students are safe.

Driving the students on the California experience are Ryan Pawiseoma and Delbert Nevayaktewa.

Contact: Bertha Parker